vintage lights  vintage lights

Great lighting can elevate any room to another level of elegance. Lighting can make the simplest white tile in the bathroom look magical, or expensive marble look cheap if you get it wrong.  With the right lighting, objects come alive. It can bring out texture in a living room, and create a dramatic effect in the shower, making it appear like a luxurious spa.

With our new collection of vintage pendants lights you can highlight your best home decor features whilst making a dramatic statement with these incredible new vintage style lighting designs which are a feature to display in their own right.

Le Roux Vintage Pendant Light

This beautifully crafted chandelier creates a striking and original centre piece. Priced at £79.99


Le Roux

Pierre Vintage Pendant Light

This unique industrial metal laced single pendant lamp will add a modern touch to any living space. Priced at £27.99


Olivier Vintage Pendant Light

The clear, cone shape pendant will fully illuminate the room whilst the long cable allows you to hang the light low over dining tables or breakfast bars for a real conversation piece. Priced at £29.99


Sebastian Vintage Pendant Light

These industrial trend set of three metal laced pendants lights can easily blend into any modern or contemporary home. Priced at £54.99


Didier Vintage Pendant Light

A vintage- warehouse style light with a bold structure that is at home in both industrial and retro interiors.  Priced at £69.99.

Didier  Didier